The business school for small businesses

Claire Witz and Mark Balllett of GrowthSteps in Tunbridge WellsGrowthSteps is a Tunbridge Wells-based business school for small businesses in Kent and Sussex.  It’s run by Mark Ballett and Claire Witz – between us we’ve set up, owned and advised lots of businesses of varying sizes and types. We’ve spent years figuring out and mastering all those skills you’ll need too, enjoying lots of successes and learning valuable lessons on the way.

Many thanks to photographer Chelin Miller for taking this photo.

Mark Ballett

Mark is an author, blogger, non-executive director, and experienced business advisor with a huge range of leadership and management experience across many industries and businesses of all sizes. For several decades he’s been fascinated by why some businesses are more successful than others – he has a passionate interest in helping others apply this insight and understanding to manage and build better businesses.

Claire Witz

Claire is a former management consultant, artist, e-commerce business owner, social media trainer, and networking and training event organiser at TW Mums in Business. She’s passionate about helping small business owners succeed and over the last 16 years has helped all sorts of businesses from small independent start-ups to major multinationals.

Most GrowthSteps workshops will be taught by Mark or Claire. However, no one can be a master of everything so where it’s appropriate we’ll bring in other suitably experienced people to guide you.

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