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How much to charge?

How to set prices

How much to charge? Well, here are a few simple questions to start off: Are your favourite things the cheapest? Do you buy the cheapest clothes, or clothes that particularly suit you no matter what they cost? M&S Food, or Aldi? BMW, or

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10 Things You Need To Do To Get Ready For GDPR 

10 things you need to do to get ready for GDPR

What is GDPR? You’ve probably heard the rumours: that the new General Data Protection regulations (GDPR) will apply to all businesses from 25th May 2018. These new laws significantly raise the bar on the legal requirements for both how you communicate with your customers and prospects,

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What makes YOU different?

David Driver drum tuition

When marketing any service you should aim to make the most of what makes you different. It’s what sets you apart from your competitors and makes you harder to copy. This can seem hard if you can’t easily identify anything obviously different about what

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Don’t just sit there, do something!

How to overcome business intertia

Inertia is a big problem for anyone running a business. It’s all too easy to leave things as they are, to just plod along and do nothing that alters the status quo. And this is often because we don’t really know what to do

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How numbers help you make better business decisions

GrowthSteps business tips profitability

Do you make a profit? It sounds like a simple enough question doesn’t it? But the reality is that many small business owners only have a vague answer. If you can pay all the bills and yourself and you still have some cash

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Should you invest money into your business?

What is your Return on Capital Employed? As a small business owner, you may be happy just to be able to pay yourself enough to live on.  However, there is a more fundamental financial idea that shows how economically efficient your business is:

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What does Profit & Loss actually mean and should you use it for your small business?

Profit & Loss Accounts for Small Businesses

Is Profit & Loss relevant for your small business? As a small business owner, you probably don’t really need to be told that “Cash is King” and manage your business by what goes in and out of your bank account. On the other

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Pricing – When people WANT to pay more

Pricing – When people WANT to pay more There are times when potential customers actually WANT to pay more, and prices that are too low put them off buying something completely. Pricing and perception of quality Take, for example, something basic like a

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Local Networking Events – Week Commencing 24 April 2017

Welcome to our guide for the week ahead Welcome to our weekly guide to business networking events in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Sevenoaks for next week.  If you’d like to receive this straight to your inbox each week then please sign up to our emailing

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Pricing – The Human Factor

Anchor pricing While there are undoubtedly some downsides to our super-sophisticated consumer society, one of the upsides is that the absolute price of a product or service is not always as important as how it compares with other benchmarks. These days we’re always

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Why don’t you charge more?

How to increase your prices

We often encourage business owners to increases their prices. A common reaction is that they can’t because their customers are price sensitive and they’re worried about losing them. We ask them how they know this. The answer tends to be that that they know their

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Creating an emotional business brand

This week’s business tip… Next Tuesday (4th April) our Networking NightSchool in Tunbridge Wells will be about branding.  So here’s some more food for thought on that topic to get you thinking about how better branding could benefit your own business. How big

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What makes a strong brand and how can you apply it to your own business?

GrowthSteps weeklyu business tip about branding

Our weekly business tip On 4th April GrowthSteps’ Networking NightSchool in Tunbridge Wells will be about branding, so we thought it might be good to get you thinking about it. Firstly, think of a brand you like… Think of a brand you like. Any brand

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The latest Facebook business page change – where has “Use As” switching gone?

Yet again Facebook has made some changes to a function we all know and love to use for businesses.  This time it’s the Use As function, the one that allows you to switch between “you” and your business page so that you can “like”

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When to start preparing to sell your business

Well, in short, there’s no time like the present. If you want to make the most of the sale of your business, the sooner you start thinking about it the better. Too often we’ve been asked to help people to prepare their businesses for sale when it’s been too late – a few months […]

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Should I hand on my business to the next generation?

Managing a small business is hard enough and it can often be harder if it’s a family business. On top of the normal business challenges you have to contend with, you have the tricky issue of combining family and business […]

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How much is your business worth?

I once heard that every complex question has a simple answer.  Sadly, when it comes to valuing your business, that’s not the case – it’s more of an art than a science with several ways of doing it. It is of course always true that

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Where has all your enthusiasm gone?

After you’ve been running your business for a while it’s easy to get tired: the enthusiasm that has driven you up until now has gradually evaporated. It might seem quite easy to run a business to the uninitiated – those that haven’t done it –

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You need to focus

A bit like a mature tree, businesses often branch out as they grow.  It’s common for the original idea behind your business to be overtaken by lots of opportunistic shoots and twiggy initiatives and you end up involved in various activities, serving more than group of customers, with several products

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Problems are where the value lies

We often come across people who have been running their businesses for a long time and they now “want out”. They often feel that they’ve had enough and that their business is so complex and difficult that they want a break to try

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