What stage of business are you currently at?

Core Workshops

All businesses fall within 5 growth stages throughout their development from starting-up to selling-up. So we’ve designed 5 core workshops to help you master the exact core business skills you’ll need for that stage. And our workshops are designed to work together, so that when you’re ready, we can help you master the next stage in your business’s development without any gaps.

Scroll down to see which stage of business you’re at, then follow the link to see relevant workshops and resources.

Skills Workshops

stage-all-logoDepending on your business there will probably be other, more specific skills or knowledge you’ll need, for example, First Aid, product photography, finance, marketing, websites, social media, or perhaps how to franchise or sell your business. We can help you there too.  You’ll find our skills workshops identified by the multicoloured tree.

acornI’m just starting up

Stage 1

You’re still considering what is the best business for you based on your skills, experience and lifestyle. You need to define what your business will be, how to develop a proposition and business plan, and how to take it to market.


acornI’m in my first year

Stage 2

You’ve recently started trading and are in your first year so things are not yet established. Perhaps the ideas you had before launching didn’t quite work out as expected. Now is the time to tweak things to get them right before you go too far.


acornTrading for 1-3 years

Stage 3

You’ve been running a few years and your business is starting to mature and become more complex.  It now needs more active management, which requires a host of new skills, and attention to make sure it stays in the right shape as it grows.


acornTrading for 3-10 years

Stage 4

You’ve been running for several years now, so you’ve lost focus and perhaps need to do some pruning to refocus and choose the best way forward. You might also have lost a little of the enthusiasm you had in the early days so need to rejuvenate your business and your role within it.


acornTrading for 10+ years

Stage 5

You’re preparing for the end game.  You want to optimise the value of your business – either to sell it for the best price or to get it ready to hand onto the next generation.  The sooner you start considering and preparing for this eventuality, the more successful you’re likely to be.


acornSkills for all businesses

All stages

Regardless of your business stage, you’ll need to evolve and learn new skills to keep up with a changing market. Perhaps it’s social media, how to network, understanding basic business finance, marketing, franchising, first aid or how to take professional product photos.