Stage 4 – My business is established but needs refocusing & rejuvenation

acornRejuvenating an established business:

How to revive your business when enthusiasm and energy wane

About this stage

Just like an older tree, a well established business will almost always benefit from a little pruning, clearing away some of the undergrowth surrounding it and removing the ivy climbing up its trunk, in order to create some space for the new growth.

Older businesses often have too many branches – they’ve lost focus and will benefit from some objective help to choose the best way forward. When you have been running the same business for a long time it’s hard to see new opportunities – to see the wood when you are in amongst the trees.

On top of that, after several years the sap is not quite as strong as it used to be and your enthusiasm has probably waned a little. Enthusiasm is the primary driver of business success.  But it’s common for business owners to sometimes lose heart after doing the same thing for many years – new ideas and moving forward again just seems too difficult.

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We offer a wide range of business skills workshop in all sorts of subjects to help you with the challenges and skills of managing an established business. Click here to see our forthcoming events. We regularly add new ones, so don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter so that you receive details.


It’s never too late to start attending networking events – they’re a great place to help spread the word about your business, find possible collaborators, get feedback, and share support and inspiration with others who are in the same boat as you. Our monthly networking events will help you meet other like-minded people and help you become part of our amazing and supportive local business community. Our events also include education business advice talks too, so that you’ll always come away with ideas and inspiration.  Click here for more details.


We can work with you to help renew your confidence and enthusiasm to drive your business forward again. Older businesses often have significant assets that need repurposing for a world that is now very different to it was when the business was first started – we can show you how to do that in a structured way in order to take your business forward once more.  Click here for more information about our 1-2-1 coaching

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